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The Long Beach Hometown Heroes Project was a joint effort between the City of Long Beach ( former Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske) and the Long Beach Rosie the Riveter Foundation. This Project provides friends and families of Long Beach men and women who are serving or have served in the United States military the opportunity to have a banner displayed in their honor along Clark Avenue in east side Long Beach. Clark Avenue (between Carson Avenue and Spring Street) is a heavily traveled corridor and passes by Veterans Stadium and the Long Beach Rosie the Riveter Park and Interpretive Center. Banners will be hung on the light poles and a narration available by cellphone will honor these brave Long Beach men.

To launch this program, The Long Beach Rosie the Riveter Foundation is placing banners of the 15 men who have given their lives in service to our City and our country while serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Their photographs and biographies are included in this website. You can download the form for sponsoring a banner by clicking here.

For more information on The Long Beach Hometown Heroes Project, please contact the Rosie the Riveter Foundation at or Gerrie Schipske at

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Come Enjoy A Classic WWII Film -- Schipske Kicks Off Home Front Theater

Cover of "Since You Went Away"
Cover of Since You Went Away
Armed Services Day Kicks Off With Classic World War II Motion Picture
 Home Front Theater Movie Series Open to Public

(LONG BEACH, CA; May 10, 2012) – Residents are invited to celebrate Armed Services Day on Friday, May 18th  and attend the showing of the 1940s award winning World War II movie, “Since You Went Away," as Fifth District Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske and the Long Beach Rosie The Riveter Foundation launch the first of seven films and news reels for this year’s “Home Front Theater” motion picture series at the El Dorado Community Center, located at 2800 Studebaker Road, Long Beach, CA. The film and 1940s news reels will show at 1 pm.

Home Front Theater is an annual event that shows a collection of classic films from the World War II era.
 The movie series is launched in May to commemorate Armed Services Day, with a showing of one movie each month until the end of December.

“There is a deep history of Long Beach’s participation in World War II,” says Councilwoman Schipske.  “Our city contributed much to the war effort.  We have generations of family members who hold dear memories of loved ones who fought to defend this country and who served on the home front making airplanes and ships. These movies and news reels from that era are a fun way to remind us of what it was like here in Long Beach during World War II.”

The very emotional 1944 film, Since You Went Away, depicts the life of a mother (played by Claudette Colbert) and her two daughters (played by Jennifer Jones and Shirley Temple) on the home front while their father is away at work.  In their struggle to make ends meet, they take in a colonel.  However, the inconveniences and rationing cannot hinder the love affair between one of the daughters and the grandson of the colonel.  The movie won the 1945 Academy Award for Best Music, and was nominated in eight other categories including Best Picture. 

Since You went Away  and the other movies and news reels will be played at 1 pm in the Bridge Room of the El Dorado Senior Center. Future films include: From Here To Eternity on June 15th, Yankee Doodle Dandy on July 20th, Air Force on August 17th, So Proudly We Hail on September 21st, Mrs. Miniver on October 19th, The Philadelphia Story on November 16th, and White Christmas on December 14th. The movies are open to the public and light refreshments will be served.

For more information on the Home Front Theater movie series, please call the Offices of Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske at 562-570-6932.
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